If done properly offering Guest Wi-Fi to the internet can offer a competitive edge to your business. However most small businesses take shortcuts and enable guest Wi-Fi through basic internet routers which isnt secure and allows hackers a back door into networks and data.

Guest Wi-Fi

Fentons recommend using a professional guest wireless solution such as those provided by Dell and Xirrus. Xirrus provide inovative Wi-Fi hardware and software to solve the challenges of growing and evolving Wi-Fi network requirements. They offer dual-band, multi-radio platforms that are highly scalable, future proof and easy to use.

Xirrus Guest Wi-Fi solutions deliver:

  • Affordability with up to 75% less cabling and equipment than other Wi-Fi solutions
  • Unprecedented reliability and performance with Xtreme Density Wi-Fi
  • Cloud-managed Wi-Fi that ensures simple deployment and application control

We have installed Xirrus Guest Wi-Fi systems for customers from a wide range of sectors including public venues, community centres, cafe’s and retail shops. The devices are secure, reliable and offer fast effective wireless even in the most densly populated wireless environments.

It’s not just guest Wi-Fi that organisations need to consider, due to more and more wirelsss devices being used in the office IT admins should design wireless LAN’s with at least 4 times todays access point density!

Guest Wi-Fi

If your business is looking to upgrade or install a new secure Guest Wi-Fi or office wireless network  –  we can help. Contact our team of IT specialists on 01903 786287 for a free on-site wireless consultation.