Cybercrime is on the rise with IT support companies receiving more than usual requests to remove malware! So what can a business do to safeguard against malware?

The government have recently launched a Cyber Streetwise campaign and a Cyber Essentials certification scheme. These have been set up for UK businesses to increase knowledge in IT security and highlight common area’s of protection.

cyber street

With malware removal on the increase, malware protection should be too. As the old saying goes, prevention is better than cure! As such, we recommend implementing the following defence strategies to protect businesses against malware attacks:

Anti-virus protection

All businesses should be using business editions of anti-virus software to protect their devices. Business anti-virus software unlike free versions prevent staff from disabling the anti-virus, allows central management and provides far better protection and malware removal.

business anti-virusAnti-spam protection

One of the most likely ways to get infected by malware is by email. Ideally email protection, virus scanning and malware removal should be performed externally from the cloud. There are also many local server and desktop software options available too.

Unified Threat Management Appliance

Businesses who have lost money as a result of malware should invest in a hardware device to prevent it happening again.unified threat managmentA UTM (Unified Threat Management Appliance) sits on the network perimeter and scans everything that comes in, blocking anything suspicions and protecting all computers and services.

Software security updates

Microsoft, Adobe, Java, Apple, Chrome… All software applications release regular updates. It’s essential these updates are installed soon after their release. Regular updating ensures businesses patch-up security vulnerabilities and build on software to increase safety, stability and reliability.

software security update

Malware removal

If you’ve applied defence strategies but still get infected then malware removal tools such as Malwarebytes, Combofix, SuperAntiSpyware and HijackThis should be used with caution. Ideally these tools should only be used by experienced IT professionals.

Fentons are experts in the prevention and removal of malware infections, if your business is suffering as the result of a virus please call our team of experts on 01903 786287.