In less than a year on 14th July 2015 Microsoft will stop supporting Server 2003. This highly respected 12 year old server operating system will stop having security vulnerabilities fixed and new software problems will never be resolved!

Our in-house Sussex server specialists have created this short blog with info on life after 2003…  Microsoft Server 2003 was an evolution of Server 2000 and introduced a range of new management features. In its day it was an outstanding platform with packages to match the need of any size business from Small Business Server (up to 75 users) to Enterprise edition (with no user limit).

Small Business Server 2003 was exceptionally popular offering small firms the same tools as large enterprises for a budget cost, single centralised server computer.

Microsoft no longer offer a Small Business Server version,  they recently identified the needs of businesses change from only using single central server and replaced SBS with Server 2012 Essentials.  Essentials seamlessly integrates with Office 365 offering all the features of an on-premises server along with the flexibility of cloud hosted services.

“Microsoft would be the first to admit XP and Server 2003 were never designed to handle modern day internet and its security risks.”

Windows XP support ended a couple of months ago and now Microsoft have begun the countdown warnings for that generations server products. Microsoft built these in a time when slow dial up internet was common, long before botnets and sophisticated Spyware existed.  Microsoft would be the first to admit XP and Server 2003 were never designed to handle modern day internet and its security risks.

Along with Server 2003, Microsoft Exchange Server 2003 will also be no longer supported in July 2015.  All businesses are heavily reliant on email so making sure you are running a secure and supported edition of Exchange server is paramount.  These solutions will be missed by many long serving IT professionals and devoted businesses alike, and it’s likely that Sussex server specialists are going to have a busy year ahead of them.

If your business is still using 2003 in any shape or form, the time has come for any servers running this operating system to be retired. Failure to do this soon will put your business at risk, please call Fentons or your local Sussex server specialists for support on migrating to a new platform (2012).

Experienced IT support engineers like the ones here at Fentons can migrate Small Business Server 2003 very quickly with almost no downtime for staff. We hate to be the voice of doom but postponing migration till after July 2015 is likely to result in costly, unproductive downtime of employees.