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The Advantages of using Tablet devices in Business

This is our first Business IT Devices blog.  In this blog we review the advantages of tablets in businesses. iPad’s and tablet computers are connecting people around the world, whether through social-media websites, emails or visual chat applications.

These tablets are essentially a combination of a modern smart phone and a laptop computer.  Businesses often use tablets to get tasks done on the run, create presentations for meetings and update websites and blogs. They are lightweight, compact and affordable.

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Business people often need to travel extensively as part of a job to meet with clients, perform projects or travel between offices.  We find clients need less support when using tablets.

Tablets are generally support-free, lightweight and small in size, they allow people to get work done on the road, so travel time is well spent. In addition, workers will not be behind on their work once a trip is over.

Make Transactions

People can use tablets to transfer money online. This means staff can meet with customers or clients and handle the transaction while both parties are present. This gives the buyer more control and confidence as he or she is present when the money is transferred from their account.

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Online Updates

Businesses can use tablets to keep in touch with clients and perform other work on the go. A tablet allows someone to update business social media with links and promotions and answer emails no matter where he or she is. All this can be done from the comfort of your sofa during a weekend.

Modern Technology

Another benefit of using tablets in a business is the view of the company from the general public. A business that stays up-to-date with technology is compatible with other operating systems and can accept emails and documents from clients and collaborative companies using older systems.

In addition, using tablets also shows an understanding of customers’ needs and interests, especially companies operating in the technological industry.

If you would like to see how a tablet can improve the dynamics of your business, contact Fentons for independent advise on the latest technology on the market.