Any organisation with a so much as a computer connected to the internet requires a business network security product to protect its IT infra-structure.  In this blog we detail the small business benefits of products from hardware security manufacturers Draytek and SonicWALL.

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Dell recently bought SonicWALL to add to its vast range of hardware products, and when you look at the features these rock solid devices offer you can understand why!

SonicWALL firewall routers offer the kind of features you would expect from enterprise class business network security products.  This can be said for every range they produce, from the cheapest to the most expensive in their product line.  The initial outlay when purchasing a SonicWALL is expensive in comparison with Draytek but when used correctly this piece of equipment will pay for itself tenfold.

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The SonicWALL next generation firewall family provides intrusion protection, malware protection and deep packet scans throughout every model series.  It is also scalable, starting with the TZ series designed for the small business, to NSA series designed for small to medium sizes business and finally into both the E-Class and Supermassive series created for large network deployment and Large enterprises (government or university sizes).

The TZ series, although being at the bottom of the scale does not mean it is lacking in capabilities.  It too has all the above capabilities and when you combine it with a yearly subscription from SonicWALL Total Secure it offers an extremely robust network system.  SonicWALL can be bought as a single standalone product, or as a Total Secure product which comes with a yearly subscription package.

Fentons are often asked ‘What does the Total Secure product offer in lay terms?’  Consider it as having anti virus software on the network router, meaning viruses are blocked before they even reach your internal network!


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Draytek have always been the secure but affordable business choice for organisations on a budget.  They come with reliable software and designed to provide a range of internet fail over / redundancy options.   Most Draytek business network security products include a modem, router and firewall all in one, with the capacity to handle wireless and load balancing through independent WAN ports.

draytek business it securityDraytek firewalls often need careful configuration to ensure adequate network defense.  They use an object based firewall offering much flexibility with the choice of having a combinations of users, rules and restrictions to suit companies with multiple departments.

Most Draytek routers have USB ports that can be used for attaching network devices,  backup drives or 3G dongles to provide internet fail over protection.

They also offer web content filtering which can be purchased via a yearly subscription, this offers business owners the ability to block  web sites by categories such as ‘gambling’ or ‘games’ to ensure control and  safe internet browsing.


Business Network Security Summary

Companies have a choice when purchasing a business network security device, they can opt for lower priced, feature limited devices such as D Link, Netgear or Tp-Link. They can opt for the slightly more expensive but feature rich Draytek products, or they can invest in a bullet proof, high performance SonicWALL or Cisco device.

Overall the manufacturer and product choice depends on an organisations  IT requirements and its attitude toward business network security. However, one thing is for certain, if a business requires total IT security protection and can afford £500 to invest in their businesses IT defense, then they will not go wrong with a SonicWALL and Total Secure Subscription.

If your business is interested in network security options please get in contact with our team of specialists for more information.