All businesses rely on IT services in some way or another; this is now a modern day fact.  However, most small companies don’t have large IT budgets but require top class services and solutions that are going to improve their business performance, these products need to be reliable as well as cost effective.

Fentons Business IT services spend most days researching, investigating and testing the latest technology offerings on the market.  These are solutions that have been designed to improve the efficiency and productivity of businesses.  Some of these IT services are unreliable; some are pointless, while others are genius!  The most genius ones are usually cost effective, robust, and really help businesses to make more money, which is obviously the purpose of a business..


This blog details 5 of the top IT services that we think are genius, these solutions are suitable for small businesses, they are very cost effective and most importantly designed to improve a business’s IT infra-structure.   The blog is aimed at small businesses in Sussex, but most of these services are available to companies throughout the UK:

1.       Super-Fast fibre optic broadband


Internet is an essential requirement in the workplace.  Having super-fast and highly reliable internet will boost a company’s performance.  BT has now rolled out fibre to most of the UK including East and West Sussex.

Installing fibre optic broadband will make sending large files and documents via email or FTP much quicker, multiple on-line applications will run faster, and working remotely from home will feel as if you’re in the office.  Using video conferencing, IP phones and cloud based services will also vastly improve.

2.       Microsoft Office 365 – On-line Exchange email service

We think one of the best cloud services on the market today that has been designed for business is Microsoft Office 365, especially the Exchange Online email solution.  For just £2.85 per user/month, companies of all sizes can benefit from an enterprise class email solution.  Email, Calendar, Contacts and Tasks that are stored in the cloud and can be accessed via smart phones, the web, Outlook and on any hardware devices such as laptops, PC’s, Mac’s and iPads.

The hosted service ensures backups of email data are no longer required, manual archiving is a thing of the past and the reliability is faultless.   No longer is a business 100% reliant on its office internet or server hardware to communicate with its clients and suppliers.

3.       Dell Servers

Being Dell and Microsoft certified partners; this recommendation may seem biased.  However, after working with Dell servers for 16 years, installing, supporting and maintaining them since the early generation models, it’s easy to see they are one, if not, the best server manufacturers for small businesses.   Dell servers are designed to keep going for years, with very few hardware problems.


When a business reaches 3 or more employees who regularly work in the same office, with a need to share, collaborate and secure data, it’s generally time to install an
in-house server.  Dell provides extremely reliable, robust and cost effective solutions to business that range from a couple of employees to full blown corporate enterprise

When a Dell server is paired with a company’s best suited edition of Microsoft’s Server operating system, a company can expect instant improvements in communication as well as scope for expansion.  Servers are a professional solution designed to drive businesses forward.

4.       Disaster Recovery backups 

Now that a Sussex business has super-fast internet, a corporate enterprise email solution, and a reliable Dell server capable of years of service, it’s IT infra-structure needs first class protection.  One of the most reliable and cost effective backup solutions currently on the market is Backup Assist.   This feature rich backup software installs on a server to ensure regular automated backups are taken.  These backups can then be used to restore individual files and folders that have been deleted, or used to fully restore a server or servers in to different hardware in minutes.

Disaster recovery plans were once complicated, time consuming processes.  These days with software such as Backup Assist servers and all their data can be restored to new servers quickly and easily.  This is as long as the software is properly configured, with regular nightly backups being made to media (such as hard drives or tapes) that are then frequently taken off-site.

5.       IT services contract with specialists you can trust

The 5th IT services top tip for small business in Sussex has to an IT services contract with a local firm you can trust.   An IT service company should be capable of supporting and maintaining anything IT that is beyond the skill-set of in-house staff.

When looking for an IT services provider, its best to make sure the firm comes highly recommended, checking testimonials, feedback and reviews is always advised.

With fast internet speeds it’s not essential, but a local IT support company will have its advantages when quick on-site visits are required.  A good IT service provider should be reasonably priced, have expert knowledge in all fields of IT, and employ multiple staff to ensure there is always someone to speak with when you need them most.

They should offer service level agreements, with dedicated response times.  Another factor to look for is a friendly, approachable team that will be able to cope with the demands of a company’s growth.