If your business is searching for an IT partners in Sussex, you’ll find many to choose from. Each providing different IT service options.

Sussex IT Partners

To help you choose we’ve put together a list of key services to check when selecting a reputable provider:

Cloud Services 

Ask potential partners whether they recommend the Cloud. Cloud Services are more reliable and cost effective than other computing models. If an IT company doesn’t recommend cloud, its worth asking why?

IT Partners in Sussex

There are hundreds of computer support firms in the South East but not all are business experts. Many are great for home computer support but this type of provider can cost a business money by making unsuitable choices.

When speaking with Sussex IT support firms we recommend checking whether they specialise in business IT support. If so, what type of business sectors do they already support and what type of solutions do they advise for your company?

Technical Knowledge

Proof of industry skills are essential. Companies who employ Microsoft Certified Professionals should be able to provide evidence in the way of logos and certificates.

All major tech companies including Microsoft, Apple and Google provide training programs to ensure IT providers are specialists with their products and services.

Monitoring and Maintenance

Prevention is better than cure applies to computer health too. Professional IT partners provide monitoring and maintenance solutions to protect their client infrastructures.

Monitoring software can be configured to send alerts before downtime is experienced. When speaking with potential providers, see what solutions and pricing they offer.


When it comes to excellent IT support you need a mix of expert knowledge and great communication. You want a provider to be able to explain the best solutions in a non-jargon way.

Transparency of pricing is essential. Making sure a provider offers clear and fair pricing will save upset, confusion and money.

Excellent Customer Service

As with any service, excellent customer care is essential. Before choosing a Sussex IT support provider ask for a range of client testimonials.