A few years back searching the web for Apple Mac support Sussex would have returned very few results.  Mac’s were generally thought best suited for desktop publishers, designers and for those working in the music or media industries.   However, over past few years things have changed, and since the releases of Apples latest operating systems including Snow Leopard, Lion and the soon to be released Mountain Lion, we are seeing a trend where businesses from all sectors are opting for Apple Mac’s over Windows computers.

Apple Mac Support

This trend is most likely due to the popularity of the iPhone and iPad consumer products, these easy to use, feature-rich devices are luring businesses back to the sleek designer Mac laptops and desktops.  Apple have been working hard in recent years to ensure their software is compatible with Microsoft, especially with Microsoft’s servers and email solutions such as Microsoft Exchange.   This seamless integration and compatibility is opening the door to various hybrid IT infrastructures consisting of either Windows or Apple servers that deliver to a mix of Mac and Windows desktop computers.

Apple Mac Book laptops as well as  iMac and Mac Pro desktops are always going to be more expensive than their Windows computer counterparts.  Apple has continually invested in beautiful, built to last designs that use only the latest hardware technology, so a surcharge is acceptable to most.  What is in Apple’s favour, is the pricing of its operating system, with upgrades much cheaper than Windows and less than £30 per license.

With the high specification hardware, Apple computers keep their value and hold their own over time in performance tests, this usually safeguards future releases of the Apple OSX operating system.

Apple Mac Support Sussex



Searching for a knowledgeable Windows IT support company is an easy process due to the vast number of Windows based engineers in the country, but searching for a good Mac IT support company may not be so easy to find.


When looking for Mac support, ensure your supplier has a good history of supporting Mac’s in a business environment, and can supply testimonials from Apple based clients that they support.  It’s also worth making sure the provider has more than 1 Mac specialist, a team of Mac engineers will ensure your support queries are resolved quicker and more effectively.