If you’re a business in the Worthing area that has searched the internet recently for Worthing IT support, you will notice that there is a fast growing number of IT companies in the area.  When last searched, in excess of 15 business to business IT firms were identified in and around Worthing. When Fentons was established in early 2007 only 5 or so companies could be found providing IT services to businesses around Worthing.

IT support companies

One of the main reasons behind the increase in small IT support firms is the economy.  When the economy is bad, redundancies are more common and IT departments are generally the first to get struck.  Many Worthing IT support engineers have been expensively trained to high levels by the companies making them redundant.  The next logical step for an engineer being made redundant is find another job, this either being a permanent post, contracting out to larger firms or trading their skills to smaller local businesses.

There are certainly a growing number of small IT support companies with highly skilled engineers across the UK, which is increasing the competition in the IT services market.  We believe healthy competition is a good thing in any service industry; it generally increases customer service levels and can lower overall customer charges.

With the increase in service providers to choose from, it can be more of a challenge identifying a supplier that fits your individual businesses needs. If you find yourself searching for a Worthing IT support company, the following questions should help ascertain whether they are an appropriate match:

  1. How many staff do they have and what are their plans for future growth?  If there are only 1 or 2 engineers, what happens when they’re busy, sick or on holiday?
  2. Do they have guaranteed service level response times to urgent faults?
  3. Will you have a dedicated account manager; and will you be able to speak with the same engineer/s each time you call?
  4. Are they legally insured with public liability and professional indemnity insurance?
  5. Are they a registered partner with any IT related bodies or organisations, such as the BCS, Google, Apple, Microsoft etc
  6. Are their engineers qualified and what qualifications do they have?  Also, how many years business IT work experience do they have?
  7. What are their charges and pricing structure; including Standard, Out office hours, Urgent call outs and Travel, do they have any hidden costs we need to be aware of?

We hope these questions help when choosing an IT service provider that fits best with your organisation.