Internet TV is nothing new, Apple have been offering their Apple TV service for quite some time but now with Google and Samsung entering the market with Google TV and Samsung@TV, Apple looks to be under some pressure!

internet tv

With internet TV you can watch TV, browse the web, install software applications and watch videos on popular streaming sites such as YouTube.  This can all be done in one place for your convenience on a big screen, if that’s not tempted you, this might… All you need to enjoy internet TV is a compatible TV and an internet connection, you can use your existing TV or satellite service so there are no extra monthly charges to pay for the service from Google and Samsung, however Apple TV continues to be a fixed monthly fee.

Internet television allows the users to choose the channel or the television content they want to watch from an archive of content or from a channel directory.  The two main forms of viewing Internet TV are by streaming the content directly to a media player or by downloading the media to a computer.  With the “TV on Demand” market growing, these on-demand websites or applications are essential for major television broadcasters.

Imagine being able to work from the sofa with a wireless keyboard and large LED flat screen TV!  This may soon become a reality for many business owners and directors!